"Tige pot, chicken miso saucepan, with hotpot" All you can eat! 【All you can eat and more than 100 kinds of all you can drink】 150 minutes 3800 yen
"Tige pot, chicken miso saucepan, with hotpot" All you can eat! 【All you can eat and more than 100 kinds of all you can drink】 150 minutes 3800 yen
By using a coupon3800 yen

tax included

You can order more than 100 kinds of dishes such as "Fish Fish Fish Sashimi", "Chinese", "Creative Cuisine", "Local Vegetables", "Desserts"!


【Initial order only !! Fluent in luxurious ingredients】

◆ Assortment of today's sashimi or Tatoraki Tataki

◆ beef sirloin rock salt baked or corn boiled steak with gooseberry pig

◆ A lot of appliances! Seafood shark fin hangashi sauce or popular with women! Prawn shrimp mayo or shrimp chili

【Nabe cuisine】 ※ One item first time order

Goshige Nabe / Tornado pot / Porcelain pot

[A la carte]

Muroto Ocean deep sea water cold / Edamame / Pickup Assortment / Bakka Rakkyo / Koku Kimchi / Chang Ja / Pilch and Takarazu / Features cucumber (moromi · plum · salt) / Mozu vinegar / cucumber and seaweed vinegar / Whole potatoes with potato / Japanese style meat / fried tofu / eggplant Gyoza / chicken / Tsukune Mushrooms Torotro Ann ...


Salmon sashimi / tsub shellfish sashimi

[Fish liquor]

Garlic in pickled groundfish / pickpong / Konnyaku Piri miso / pickled garlic in fish skin / colicola combination of sand liver and pigs / cold wheat with hand-made rice oil / boiled with pigs / ayu miso


Potato Salad Ham Volume / Peperon Bacon / Bakka Chicken Gratin / Chicken Garlic Sword / Avocado Spring Roll / Pakuchi Spring Roll / Pearly Bean Fu / Fish Chang Chan

【Handmade pizza】 ※ Only once for order

Bacon & Tomato / Teriyaki chicken / Sausage & Tomato

【Egg dish】

Popular No. 1! Oshima-san's soup-rolled eggs / scrambled eggs (leeks / Nira · Jiko) / crab balls

【Chinese cuisine】

Sold out disapproval !! Spicy curry spring roll / popular !! Young chicken stamina sauce / Sweet and sour pork with vinegared black vinegar / Sichuan style hemp bean curd / egg wakame soup / prep pie shrimp water gyoosa


Duck loose French salad / crisp pork green salad / four kinds of vegetable salad salad / warm ball Caesar salad / old-fashioned potato salad / featured vegetable pickle assortment ... etc.


Kochi Nila Inserted Hot Pork Kimchi / Niraton / Hormone Stir-fried Gozbian / Stir-Fried Miso Sautéed Miso ... ... etc.


Fried Potato / Goosefu Tang Ku / Chicken Tang Lichente / Rape Shrimp Tiger / Crab Cream Croquettes / Chicken Nambun / Kochi Fried Eggplant Ponzu / Troll Cheese Lift / Young Chicken Pickup / Toriko Tango / Uwajima Shakaaten ... etc. etc.


Plenty of vegetables Yaki soba / Shimomachi Uki Udon / Commitment Rajyo no ramen salad / Fresh rice fried rice fried rice / Spicy kimchi fried rice ... etc etc


Ice cream biscuits (vanilla · strawberry · yogurt) / smooth almond tofu / sesame dumplings / vocational college sweet potato / happy potato / served assorted

Coupon that can be used

  • All you can eat 100 or more!
    All you can drink about 80 kinds!
    120 minutes 3300 yen / 150 minutes 3800 yen

    • Presentation conditions
      When visiting
    • Conditions of use

      3 people / / OK without reservation / can not be combined with other tickets

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of February 2018